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One of Scott's favorite audiences to perform for is church groups whether he's presenting a gospel program for the entire congregation, talking to the youth, or presenting for a Vacation Bible School.

Growing up as a Christian, Scott took his talent and love for performing and created a variety of programs especially for church groups. He creatively works in Christian messages into his performances to make sure that what he presents is not only entertaining but also inspiring and helpful to those growing in their faith.

Church Fundraisers

Scott also has a complete fundriasing package exclusively for churches that can be used to raised money for mission trips, youth excursions, etc. This is virtually a turn-key fundraiser that can create a terrific windfall for your group.

Spiritual Synergy

Scott has an entire talk for church and Christian leaders as well called Spiritual Synergy. This presentation combines his comedy and magic entertainment with a powerful message about how to live every area of your life in a spiritual, Christian way. Too many times, life takes us off course away from our faith; this presentation will give church and Christian leaders the tools they need to not only stay focused on there faith but also how to show others to do the same.

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