Let Scott Cantrell Make Your Next Business Event An Unforgettable Success That People Will Be Talking About For A Long Time To Come!


Once again, I was in awe of your ability to entertain and present in a way that mesmerizes the entire audience.  Your act is contagious!  If laughter is the best medicine, your show can cure or immunize any group from any illness… Your professionalism shines through so strong that I think it has made us all strive to perform better in our own work.  Your presentation is first class, but let me add that the lasting effect that it has on the audience is the real “Magic."
-John Edd Wampler, President – Family Brands International, LLC

Finding quality entertainment for corporate and business groups can be like pulling teeth. There's all the possibilities, and many of the so-called corporate entertainers are nothing more than glorified kids performers who know very little about entertaining people over the age of 25.

But Now The Search For Quality Entertainment Is Over!

While Scott is an accomplished children's performer, the majority of his work is for adult groups and in the corporate arena. In fact, he also offers complete presentations as a speaker. For more information about those programs be sure to visit his other website: www.realworldmagic.com

Performing for professionals is not an easy task and it took Scott a good seven years to become a top performer for this kind of group. But today, Scott is one of the most enjoyed and talked about speakers and entertainers anytime he's in front of a corporate group. Read on to find out about his Tear-Up-The-Check-Guarantee!

Through his smart sense of humor combined with hilarious routines, antics, and audience interaction, Scott creates a high-energy entertainment experience that is will be sure to have every attendee wanting to see more.

Scott Customizes His Performances!

Scott can also customize his program specifically for your company or group. By incorporating your group's logo, information, challenges, achievements, etc., Scott will develop a unique and exclusive performance.


Finally, Scott is so confident that his program will be enjoyed by everyone, that he backs-up every single performance with his Tear-Up-The-Check-Guarantee.

Scott's Tear-Up-The-Check-Guarantee

***If you are not totally satisfied with Scott's performance and ability to entertain your group, you can tear up
his check and won't be expected to pay any fee,
no questions asked!***

Yes, it's a very strong guarantee, but in over 14 years, no group has ever used it! The point is, you'll love Scott's performance!

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