Find Out How The Super-Simple Ultra-Easy No-Risk Fundraiser Can Bring Hundreds & Even Thousand$ Of Dollars Into Your School Or Organization In As Little As Just Two Weeks!


As a senior in high school, Scott set out to perform his first grand illusion show and decided to turn it into a fundraiser for a local educational group. After all was said and done, the community had experienced a highly entertaining show and the educational group had raised over $6100.00!

For years now, Scott has worked with organizations of all types in helping them raise money through the use of his award-winning comedy magic performances.

The 11 Huge Benefits of
Scott's Fundraising Program

  1. Requires Absolutely ZERO-Risk to Your Organization!

  2. Can Be Started & Completed in as Little as Just Two Weeks!

  3. Tried & True & Has Proven Positive Results!

  4. Involves Potentially the ENTIRE School & Student Body!

  5. This Is The Fundraiser Kids Will Be Excited About & Promote To Their Parents!

  6. Requires Very Little Time & Manpower From The School & Organization!

  7. Has Multiple Other Fundraisers Automatically Built
    Into It!

  8. Sooo Simple & Easy, You’ll Wonder Why You’ve Never Done It Before!

  9. Needs NO Upfront Investment of Money!

  10. Trouble-Free To Implement & Is Actually Fun Along The Way!

  11. Comes With FREE $$$-Boosting & $$$-Saving Bonuses!

With Scott's background in marketing combined with his powerful showmanship, organizations like schools, PTOs, band boosters, churches, non-profits, community groups, and others can all benefit tremendously and produce a windfall of cash to be used for worthwhile projects.

Scott provides an entire fundraising program from start to finish. All you have to do is execute it and collect the money. Everything from a complete marketing plan and promotional tools to developing "piggy-back" fundraisers that will bring in even more revenue for your group.

So What Is The Fundraiser?

It’s A Complete 75-90 Minute Full Production Comedy Magic & Illusion Show That Parents & Kids Alike Will Enjoy & Will Be Talking About For Months to Come!

Imagine being able to bring a show of this magnitude right into your school, offer to your students and parents, and make a ton of money at the same time!

Here’s How It All Works…In Just 5 Simple Steps!

Step 1: Contact Scott To Determine A Date, Time, & Location For The Fundraiser Event.

Step 2: Book A Time For Scott To Come Make The Fundraiser Presentation To Your Group - This can be done through an email or over the phone as well.

Step 3: Put Up Posters & Distribute Pre-Designed Flyers & Other Marketing Materials To Create Interest In The Show While Your Group Also Sells Advance Tickets.

Step 4: Coordinate 5-10 People From Your Group To Manage Any "Piggy-Back" Fundraisers You Use Like Concession Sales, Raffles, etc. & To Help With The Main Show.

Step 5: Scott Performs His Show & You Collect & Count Your Money!


The primary source of funds comes from the ticket sales which will be split between the school and Scott. With the other built-in fundraisers, even more money can raised for your organization!

It’s As Simple As That! You Are Not Required To Make Any Upfront Investment Or Guarantee To Scott. He Can Only Be Successful If Your Fundraiser Is Successful.

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