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For nearly five years, Scott has been in front of thousands of students every year giving them a unique type of education on important issues through his interactive form of entertainment. Students not only have a great time at these programs but also actually remember the key ideas presented and learn how to apply them immediately!

Here's what some principals had to say about some of Scott's recent presentations…

Scott is a very personable young man, and the children really identified with him and were spellbound by his magic. They appreciated his sense of humor, and he knew exactly how much humor to use without losing control of his audience.

   Ann Dodson, Principal – Westside Elementary School

I heard several positive comments from students and teachers alike about your performance. A very entertaining and wholesome performance that surpassed my expectations!

   David Decker, Principal – Englewood Elementary School

Great Scott Magic has designed a number of
successful school programs during the past few years
including those listed below.

  • Reading = Magic This program is dedicated to creating excitement in students about the joys and true magic in reading through creativity and imagination. More…

  • Keep It Clean! – This presentation focuses on the importance of maintaining the environment through litter prevention and recycling. More…

  • Conjuring Character – This program helps students realize the importance of good character including traits like kindness, respect, and positive self-esteem. More…


Reading = Magic

Reading = Magic has been presented numerous times at schools, libraries, and young author's conferences. Now it's time for this program to come to your school! If it wasn't for books and a lot of reading, Scott could have never become a magician and live his dream of performing! If it wasn't for learning from books and expanding our imaginations, there would be no inventions and no stories to tell. Reading is truly the source for all real magic: Learning, Being Creative, and Having Fun!

In this interactive presentation, Scott shows the importance of reading not only in his own life, but in the lives of the students as well. The entire show is themed to fit in with the message that reading is real magic and can give you something special that nothing else can…a vivid imagination. Today more than ever children need the ability to dream and believe in something that seems impossible to push them forward to success. Reading = Magic helps students develop that ability. Below are listed the key ideas Scott covers in this program.

Reading = Magic Will Teach Students:     

•  How To Use Imagination By Reading

•  How To Learn For Fun

•  The True Value of Books

•  How To Become Anything They Want To Be

•  The Power of Reading And Writing


Keep It Clean!

Keep It Clean! is fast paced fun program that shows students the importance of a clean environment. For three years Scott has been invited by Keep McMinn Beautiful, a Keep America Beautiful affiliate in Tennessee , to present a new show each year centered on litter prevention. Each year Scott's programs have been embraced by the students and have seen tremendous response. In fact, Scott has many times been bombarded with the mottos like “Keep It Clean!” or “Keep McMinn Beautiful!” during his show. The students remember these slogans from over a year before and are able to recite them to Scott when he comes back! With this kind of result, it's no doubt that Scott has created a program that is invaluable especially for the environment!

Keep It Clean! will be a program students will not only remember for a long time to come, but also be able to apply the same day the see the program! Don't miss out on this one! Key concepts from this program are listed below.

Keep It Clean Will Teach Students:     

•  Where Litter Comes From

•  How Littering Hurts The Environment

•  How They Can Prevent Litter

•  To Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

•  How To Be A Good Example By Not Littering               


Conjuring Character

Conjuring Character is the result of necessity. With the public education turning finally to the importance of character education, schools need a strong powerful and entertaining way to present character concepts to students. This program was designed to do exactly that! Scott wrote this show based on personal experiences from his life and uses incredible magic to drive home his points on kindness, respect, and positive self-esteem.

Whether your school suffers from behavioral difficulties or not, Conjuring Character will help unleash the best your students can be. Scott's explanation of how we all can help each other is something your students can take back with them to the classroom and even home. Below are listed the key ideas Scott focuses on throughout the program.

Conjuring Character Will Teach Students:

•  What Character Is

•  How To Turn Almost Anyone Into A Friend

•  Why “Please” & “Thank You” Are Really Magic Words

•  The True Value of You

•  Why Being Unique Is So Important



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